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Long Island Hospitality Association Helps the Industry

Long Island Hospitality Association (LIHA) was formed for charitable purposes and to help create a network for our members to review common hospitality challenges and best practices within the industry. We also wanted to create a space for industry members to exchange ideas and raise awareness to services that industry members can use to address pertinent issues.

Our fundraising endeavors are set up to help those in the industry studying hospitality at local schools with scholarships to get through their studies. The goal is to keep them working and residing within the growing Long Island hospitality industry as leaders for the community once they graduate.

Networking in the Hospitality Industry

Networking is a major skill that will help anyone attempting to move around or up in their chosen field and social media can only go so far. It can be very difficult to get ahold of the leaders of the industry to have that one on one conversation to see how they did and what is working for them. Having this kind of access can make or break a career in the hospitality industry.

That is why we have decided to help our younger and even elder generations of hospitality industry workers get in front of one another at Association activities. These are set up to engage and encourage local hospitality students to participate with current industry leaders for career development and advancement.

Help Long Island Hospitality Association Build a Better Industry